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Welcome to the WereldDansWerkPlaats

The WereldDansWerkPlaats makes a difference rendering visible a range of dance styles that originate from all over the world.

The Hague is proud to host various groups performing a sheer diversity of dance styles: Indian dance, African dance, flamenco, tango, bellydance, salsa and Javanese, Chinese and Surinamese dance styles. Besides, The Hague also has an upcoming urban dance scene, a hotpot of styles that find their roots in street culture. Different dancers and choreographers all try to perform their particular dance styles in the best way possible. They want to keep on progressing and show these improvements to a larger audience. But unfortunately, their dance styles are often unknown to a larger audience. They are not shown on the public stage and can’t be seen in big theatres. The dancers and choreographers of these global dance styles often lack the resources to further improve and develop their dance repertory. The WereldDansWerkPlaats tries to make a difference here!

The WereldDansWerkPlaats provides dancers and choreographers of these global dance styles with new opportunities so they can do a step forward in the right direction, for example by means of coaching or providing artists with a stage to display their skills. Are you a dancer or choreographer who practices folkdance, classical or contemporary dance or any other type of dance style? Can we support you in finding a place to rehearse or perform your dance skills? Or would you like to know more about how to use lighting and sound for your upcoming performance? Are you in need of consultation or would you like to discuss your future dance plans? Or would you simply like to expand your current knowledge and dance repertory by attending our masterclasses or workshops? The WereldDansWerkPlaats is the place to be.
Contact us: // info@werelddanswerkplaats.nl

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